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Center for Islamic Studies
  • Center for Islamic Studies

  • In 1992, the Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies (TTCIS) was established to cultivate a healthy atmosphere and attitude towards missions to Muslims. To this endeavor, the center has continuously been studying, publishing, and promoting ministry between the Korean church and the Islamic world.

The first half of this year opened with the center's Arabic language lectures, which is continuously very popular among various demographics. The center holds a beginner's Arabic class. The participants of the beginner's class will then later be able to take intermediate and advanced classes. The advanced class will allow students to read the Qu'ran.

The center's journal, Muslim-Christian Encounter, publishes substantial material on Islamic theology, politics, and culture that are useful for ministry in the Islamic context. Two journal editions will be published to celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of our center. In April, we titled our journal "Tribute to Dr. Kenneth Cragg (1913-2012)". Dr. Cragg passed away in November 2012 and we will publish articles to honor his memory. In November, we will publish a journal with the theme, "Suggestions on Doing Islamic Studies in a Korean Context as a Christian." In addition, the twentieth anniversary special edition journals with the themes "Twentieth Anniversary of the Center for Islamic Studies" and "Observing the Complex Issues of Islam through the Eyes of Experts".

As TTCIS has been faithfully publishing its newsletter, Ishmael, Our Brother, for the past four years, the 115th and 116th editions will be published this year. It will contain dissertations and book reviews by missionaries as well as news and issues from the mission field.

The center's director, Dr. Ah Young Kim, interviewed with Kukmin Ilbo, one of the largest newspapers in Korea. The article, "Korean Churches Should Support Muslim Missions with Patience [our translation]," was published on March 5, 2013. During her interview, she explained the importance of having a consistent ministry in the Muslim world. Mission work may take longer than expected in comparison to other fields because Islam has its own unique characteristics and multi-influences from cultural, social, and political factors. She shared that Korean evangelization to the Islamic world began in 1962, which is a relatively short timespan compared to the Western churches. The latter had more time to identify and analyze problems and implement efficient mission techniques. Korean Christians need to acknowledge their preliminary endeavors, and they need to create a long-lasting framework that will work for them. She emphasized that a need to create a professional system.

For more information, please contact TTCIS at 570-7563.
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