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Center for Christian Leadership

Center for Christian Leadership

The Torch Trinity Center for Education & Ministry (TTCEM) exists for the benefit of local churches. TTCEM opened in 2009 in order to equip others to reach and teach people for Jesus Christ. TTCEM serves
  • To train and teach Christian leaders in local churches.
  • To support leaders to carry out effective educational & discipleship ministries in churches by providing access to educational resources.
  • To publish practical and academic research resources and materials in support of Christian leaders.
  • To facilitate fellowship and the of sharing helpful information and insights by networking leaders.

For these purposes, TTCEM currently facilitates several projects. TTCEM hosts a networking seminar, English camp, a Christian education expert training program for church leaders & educators, and an annual conference. The Center plans to publish educational journals and books.

Children’s Pastor’s Network Program 

TTCEM holds a monthly Children's Pastor's Network seminar focusing on a different area of ministry each month. This is open to all Christian leaders, but is designed especially for children's pastors. We share helpful information and insights through this networking seminar.

Christian Education Expert Training Program

This program offers practical how-to information about running an effective Sunday school program. Topics include effective management of children's English worship service, biblical education for teachers, and systematic English teaching from infancy and childhood. This program combines theory and practice and helps pastors and teachers establish their ministries.

English Children’s Ministry Conference

TTCEM hold an annual English Children's Ministry Conference in the spring. The conference combines lectures and practice, led by leading pastors and scholars. By sharing, praying, and worshipping together, the participants are refreshed and encouraged for ministry. A book fair is held on-site so that participants can also buy books and resources for ministry

Global Kids Project- Summer Camp for Children

Center for Christian Leadership

TTCEM holds a summer camp for children as part of the Global Kids Project. This program is designed to train the next generation of Christian leaders and to promote cultural exchanges and understanding between Korean and American students.

Future Ministry Plan, including Educational Studies Journal

TTCEM plans to publish educational journals and books through practical and academic research in support of Christian leaders in research and ministry. Plans are in development for future programs such as a TESOL program, spiritual discipline program, youth leadership program, and a parenting program.

  • Director: Young Woon Lee (Ph.D., Biola University, Talbot School of Theology)
  • International Director: Stephen Cha (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
  • Associate Director: Hyun-Joo Oh (Ph.D., Talbot)
  • Associate Director: Pastor Bok-Ae Park (Th.M., TTGST)
  • English Ministry Coordinator: Lisa Chang (M.A., Princeton Theological Seminary)
  • Resource Coordinator: Elora Jung (M.Div., TTGST)
  • Assistant: Jeung-Mai Seo (M.A., TTGST)

For more information, please contact TTCEM at 570-7565.



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