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Christian Counseling Center

Torch Trinity Christian Counseling Center was founded to take care of (1) people, (2) the local church, and (3) the worldwide church through overseas missions. Our first goal is to lead people into healthier and balanced Christian lifestyles. We have and train professional Christian counselors where they integrate the Bible and the study of counseling into their practice. Our second purpose is to develop and offer professional counseling programs for the local church so that they can build people up and spread the Good News effectively. The Center is connected to a multi-ethnic and mission-focused theological school. Therefore, lastly, we also offer assistance to people overseas especially in the mission fields. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the Center.

With gratitude,
Eun Young Choi
Director of Torch Trinity Christian Counseling Center

  • Provides clinical training to educate professional Christian counselors who are equipped with mature and evangelical faiths, and outstanding counseling skills.
  • Develops counseling programs to support mission fields throughout the world, including the selecting and training of missionary candidates and helping missionaries and their family.
  • Provides English counseling services for those who speak English
  • Provides different kinds of psychological tests and counseling programs for the students at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology in order to help them to be ministers with mature and well-balanced characters.
  • Develops and provides various counseling-related small group programs to help Korean Christians to mature and recover according to their needs.
  • Dr. Yong-Tae Kim
  • Dr. Eun-Young Choi
  • Dr. Eunnie R. Rhee
  • Eun-Ha Lee (Ph.D. Candidate)
For more information, please contact TTCCC at 570-7115.
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