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Master of Theological Studies
The MEd is a 2-year program that requires 37 credit hours of coursework, including a thesis or project. It is primarily designed for primary and secondary school teachers and administrators who desire to integrate a Christian worldview to teaching and administration in Christian schools with emphasis on Christian worldview formation and application.
MEd Program Language & Schedule
  • English Program: Evenings, Weekends & Modular

MEd Graduation Requirements
  • Satisfactorily pass 37 credit hours of coursework and obtain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Complete 2 semesters of Field Education.
  • Satisfactorily pass the Comprehensive Exam.
MEd Curriculum & Suggested 2-year schedule
  • MEd Curriculum/ English Program

       Education – 24 Credits    
        Christian Philosophy of Education (3)
        Teaching and Learning Theory (3)
        Curricular Foundations and Assessment Theory (3)
        Advanced Instructional Design (3)
        Human Psychology & Developmental Theory (3)
        Multicultural Education (3)
        Issues in Global Education (3)
        Biblical Perspectives in Language Arts and Social Studies (3)

      Theological Foundation – 9 Credits
        Biblical Perspectives in Math & Science (3)
        Biblical Perspectives in History & Geography (3)
        Christian Theology Survey (3)
      Other Requirements – 4 Credits
        Writing in Counseling & Education (0)
        Thesis or Project (4)
        Field Education I (0)
        Field Education II (0)                                                     

                                                                                                   Total 37 Credits

  • 2-year Schedule –MEd
1st Semester  (9 Credits) 2nd Semester  (9 Credits)

Christian Philosophy of Education (3)
Teaching & Learning Theory (3)
Biblical Perspectives in History and Geography (3)
Writing in Counseling & Education (3)

Curricular Foundations and Assessment (3)
Advanced Instruction Design (3)
Biblical Perspectives in Math and Science (3)
Field Education I(0)

3rd Semester   (9 Credits) 4th Semester   (10 Credits)

Human Psychology Developmental Theory (3)
Issues in Global Education (3)
Christian Theology Survey (0)
Field Education II (3)

Biblical Perspectives in Language Arts and Social Studies (3)
Multicultural Education (3)
Thesis or Project (4)


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