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No Subject Author Year File
177 Communion with God as Word-Centered Piety Jonghoon Joo 2013(V.16no.1 p.73-85) file
176 Prayer as the Ladder to Heaven JinHyok Kim 2013(V.16no.1 p.60-72) file
175 The Judicial Court Structure of Sixteenth-Century France Lauren J. Kim 2013(V.16no.1 p.34-59) file
174 When the Celebrity Is without a Friend Mark S. Aidoo 2013(V.16no.1 p.16-33) file
173 Trends and Changes in World Christianity Sang-Bok David Kim 2013(V.16no.1 p.3-15) file
172 Towards an Understanding of North Korean Adolescent Refugees in South Kyungwha Hong 2012(V.15no.2 p.186-204) file
171 Implications of Peacemaking Procedure in the Beatitude for a Christian Eun-Young Choi 2012(V.15no.2 p.167-185) file
170 A Conflict Resolution Approach to Peace Education in the Local Church Young Woon Lee 2012(V.15no.2 p.141-166) file
169 Anabaptist Reformation: Its Relationship to the Twenty-First Century Daniel Dae Yun Moon 2012(V.15no.2 p.124-140) file
168 Alan Paton’s Work for Peace Making in South Africa Deok-Weon Ahn 2012(V.15no.2 p.113-123) file
167 What International Graduate Students Experience at a Seminary in South Eunnie R. Rhee, Hyun Joo Oh 2011(V.14no.2 p.180-200) file
166 A Parallel Integration on Anxiety Yong-Tae Kim 2011(V.14no.2 p.165-179) file
165 Sacralization and Desecration of Identity in Hellenistic-Jewish Litera Babu I. Venkataraman 2011(V.14no.2 p.142-164) file
164 Jonathan Edwards on Nature: An Example for Christian Ecospirituality Kang Hack Lee 2011(V.14no.2 p.130-141) file
163 Creation in the Development of the Human Person according to Irenaeus Michael Jin Choi 2011(V.14no.2 p.120-129) file
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