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Prospective Int'l Students for the Expat Program Admission
for Fall semester of the year of 2010
* The information below is subject to change. If there is any change a separate announcement will be made.
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TSMS Admission Information
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What is Torch Strategic Missions Scholarship?
From its inception, the founders of Torch Trinity Graduate University envisioned a theological graduate school that would contribute significantly to the world Christian movement by training leaders from the majority world where the Gospel has least penetrated and where quality theological education is least accessible.

With this vision, local Korean churches and Torch Trinity Graduate University joined hands to offer the Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS) to a limited number of qualified applicants, especially from unreached people groups. The scholarship has been awarded to over a hundred students as of December 2011. TSMS is a distinguished scholarship given to Christian ministers, who possess outstanding academic and ministry potential, from missionally noteworthy regions. The scholarship includes full tuition and room and board for the duration of a recipient’s degree program. For the recipients in the Master of Divinity program, the scholarship extends for three consecutive years. For the Master of Arts and Master of Theology recipients, the scholarship extends for two consecutive years.

Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS) Regions

■ Majority World
■ Muslim Regions
■ China & Japan

Degrees Available
Program Concentration Duration of Study
Master of Divinity
- 3 years
Master of Arts
Christian Education
Christian Counseling
2 years
Master of Theology

Old Testament
New Testament
Systematic Theology
Church History
Practical Theology
Mission/Intercultural Studies
Christian Education
Interdisciplinary Theological Studies

2 years
  • Currently, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) applicants are NOT eligible for TSMS. These applicants must apply under other scholarships for international students.
TSMS Admission Qualification
  • A confessing and mature believer (who has the assurance of salvation) with two letters of recommendation from a pastor, professor, or church leader/employer
  • A native of a strategic mission country or region with a vision to plant/build the church of that country
  • A bachelor's degree or its equivalent by an accredited institution recognized by Torch Trinity Graduate University
  • An MDiv or its equivalent for a ThM applicant
  • A TOEFL/IELTS score that meets Korean government standards.
    In case of severe difficulty in accessing the exams, the applicant is advised to contact the admissions officer.
  • The following disqualifies an international applicant

  •         1. currently resides in Korea
            2. are married to a Korean or of Korean descent
            3. has family in Korea
            4. has a spouse living in Korea (now or during enrollment)
         * Please note that the school does not have housing for couples and families.
Selection Procedure
  • Online Pre-application
  • Application (Including English Scores)
  • Phone/Video Interview
Admission Timetable
Process Schedule Note

April 1-June 30, 2013

Online Submission
Confirmation of Pre-application Result July 24, 2013 Email Notification
Application August 1-Setptember 30, 2013 Mail Application Form with Required Documents
Interview 2nd and 3rd week of October, 2013 Phone or Skype Interview  Interview will be scheduled only for those who are selected at the paper screening.
Final Result Last week of October, 2013 Email Notification
Required documents
  • I. Pre-application
  • Applicants for TSMS must submit the ONLINE PRE-APPLICATION prior to the actual application for admission. Online pre-application provides the preliminary documentation necessary to demonstrate that a prospective international student has the proper educational qualification and ministry experiences as well as ministry plan after his/her study at Torch Trinity. Only those who passed the pre-application evaluation are eligible to submit the application form and other required documents for TSMS admissions.
  • Period: April 1–June 30, 2013
    Online Pre-application input on www.ttgu.ac.kr “2013 TSMS Admissions Pre-application”
  • Pre-application Input List
    1. Personal Information
    2. Personal Statement (spiritual and academic backgrounds)
    3. Transcript in English (upload scanned files)

  • II. Application
  • Those who passed the pre-application evaluation need to submit the application form and required documents to the Admissions Office by the application due date. The forms will be sent to successful applicants individually by e-mail.
  • Period: August 1–September 30, 2013
    Application packaged should be sent by post until September 30, 2013
  • Required Documents:
    1. Application for TSMS Admission(use provided form)
    2. Personal Statement (use provided form)
    3. Two Recommendation Letters (use provided form)
       1) Pastor
       2) Professor or Church Leader/Employer
    4. Certificate of Graduation
       *Original or Attested Documents by the Korean Embassy
       **Each applicant must submit certificates from colleges, universities, and/or seminaries previously attended. In unusual circumstances, a copy of a diploma may be used as a substitute. However, the school does not accept a transcript that bears the name of the degree as a replacement of a diploma.
    5. Official Transcript
       *Original or Attested Documents by the Korean Embassy
       **The applicant should submit official transcripts from all colleges, universities, and/or seminaries previously attended. Foreign transcripts, including records of all courses, examinations, grades, grading scales, and conferrals of degrees, must be in English.
    6. Original TOEFL Score (or IELT substitute) - Taken within the Past Two Years
       * Required Score: TOEFL CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5 (exceptions may apply).
    7. Passport-size Photos (3)
    8. Scholarship Application (use provided form)
    9. Medical Reports (use provided form)
  • Application Submission
    1. Mailing Address
       Admissions Office
       Torch Trinity Graduate University
       55 Yangjae-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea 137-889

    2. Any incomplete document cannot be considered for evaluation.
    3. Once you submit your application package, documents therein cannot be changed or returned.

  • III. Interview
  • After the paper screening process, the evaluation committee will have a phone or Skype (online video) interview with applicants.
  • Interview Period: 2nd and 3rd week of October, 2013 between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Korea Standard Time)
Application Fee
TSMS applicants are exempt from paying the application fee.
Issuance of Admission Certificate &,  Visa
  • Applicants who are admitted will get the admissions package which includes Notice of Intention, Financial Statement, and TSMS Covenant.
  • Once they received the admissions package, they should sign each documents and then return them to the Admissions Office.
  • Upon receiving the signed admissions package, he/she will receive documents that pertain to obtaining a student visa.
Tuition & Fees
The TSMS covers tuition, room and board. However, individual students are still responsible for all other expenses during their studies at Torch Trinity.
All TSMS recipients are required to stay in the dorm while they study in their degree programs. Dorm application and payment will be taken care by the Admission Office.

Revised August 28, 2013