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Torch Trinity Admissions for Internationals are divided into three categories

International Admission
If you are an international and are interested in continuing your education at Torch Trinity, you can apply to international admissions.

According to your current residing country, your application period will be differed. Please take a look at the application period for international admissions. The international admissions will only be offered in Spring semester.
Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship Admission
If you are from a developing countries,or strategic mission countries, and seeking for the scholarship study opportunity, you can apply to the Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship Admission.

Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship Admission is for applicants from developing countries, and strategic mission countries. Each year Torch Trinity offers scholarships to about 10 new students from strategic mission countries. Applicants for T.S.M.S. admission should go through the pre-application process before the actual application.

The Expat Admission
If you are already residing in Korea with a certain type of visa, and are desiring semimary education, you can apply to the Expat admission.

Expat Admission is designed to give part time theological study opportunities to expatriates. Expat Admission will be offered both in Spring and Fall semester.
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