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PhD Dissertation
  • Candidates must have completed the minimum number of credits required for graduation and obtained a GPA above 3.3
  • Candidates must have submitted the dissertation proposal and have supervision over the dissertation.
  • Candidates must have passed the Comprehensive Exam.
Candidates for CC (Christian Counseling)
Semester Academic Calendar
1st Semester Candidates with no previous experience writing in the APA format should first take a writing course in order to be familiarized with the format.
Discuss the dissertation topic with an advisor who shares similar research interests.
2nd Semester Confirm which professor will serve as dissertation advisor.
3rd and 4th Semesters Develop the dissertation proposal and research plan under the supervision of the advisor.
5th Semester After receiving approval for the dissertation topic, submit the application for Topic Approval by the end of the semester.
6th Semester By the 4th week – hand in a draft of the study proposal with the first draft of chapter 1 of the dissertation.
By the 8th week – pass Oral Defense by the academic committee, to include the advisor.
7th Semester By the 4th week – hand in a draft of the entire dissertation.
8th Semester Submit the dissertation for final examination.
By the 8th week – submit a “Request for Dissertation Examination”
By the 10th week – complete the dissertation examination.
Within 20 days of the completion of the final examination of the dissertation, complete the last revisions of the dissertation.
Submit the final draft of the dissertation before the end of the semester.
ICS (Inter-Cultural Studies)
  • Dr. Eiko
  • Students will pay registration fees for the dissertation semesters and a separate dissertation examination fee.
Application form
  • PhD Dissertation Application Form
For more details
  • TEL : +82-2-570-7365
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