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Transfer Credits
Transfer Student
Students who have transferred to Torch Trinity from other seminaries in and out of Korea and earned graduate-level credits in their masters or doctoral degree may transfer those credits to Torch Trinity following the evaluation and approval of the academic committee.
Qualifications for Transferring Credits
  • Credits received must be from the same degree program.
  • Students who havecompleted at least 1 year of study can apply as transfer students. Students who have completed only 1 semester can transfer credits but not apply as transfer students. Please contact the Academic Office for further assistance.
  • Must Be Completed Before School Registration Period
  • Students first must be admitted to Torch Trinity before credits can be transferred.
  • After admittance, completed coursework from other schools will be assessed.
  • Students will be notified about which courses can be transferred.
Please Note
  • Transfer students are able to have the same timeframe to complete their degree as if they were new students.
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