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Academic Policy-Grade
Academic Warning
Students will receive an academic warning each time their GPA falls below the required minimum. Students may be removed from the school if they receive repeated academic warnings.
Repeated Academic Warnings
  • MDiv: 3 semesters of academic warning will lead to student disenrollment.
  • MA/MTS/ThM: 2 semesters of academic warning will lead to student disenrollment.
  • Students who receive an academic warning should immediately meet with their academic advisor. Students who receive academic warnings twice will have to meet with the Academic Dean.
Relief from Academic Warning
  • Students who are subject to disenrollment because they have accumulated too many academic warnings may apply only once for relief.
  • Complete a Petition for Relief from Academic Warning
  • Submit to Academic Ccommittee (who will review it)
  • Student will be Notified by the Academic Committee of the Results
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