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President's Office
  • Sang-Bok David Kim / President
    Please contact his assistant, "Juliette" Chae Hong Lee: 82-2-570-7002, ch.lee@ttgu.ac.kr
Vice President's Office
  • John P. Song, Vice President of Public Relations
    Please contact his assistant, "Jeanie" Whe Jin Lee: 82-2-570-7348, wj.lee@ttgu.ac.kr
  • Myung-Ki Lee, Vice President of Business Administration
    82-2-570-7370, mk.lee@ttgu.ac.kr
    Jung-Sook Lee, Vice President of Academic Development
    82-2-570-7380, js.lee@ttgu.ac.kr
Vice President's Office
  • Steven S.H. Chang, Director of Planning
    82-2-570-7398, s.chang@ttgu.ac.kr
  • Michael J. Choi, Dean of Academic Programs
    82-2-570-7388, m.choi@ttgu.ac.kr
    Yong-Tae Kim, Dean of Research & Publication
    82-2-570-7392, yt.kim@ttgu.ac.kr
    Deok Won Ahn, Dean of Chapel & Student Life
    82-2-570-7382, dw.ahn@ttgu.ac.kr
Full time Professors
(every full-time professor has a doctorate from a government-accredited university)
Department Name E-mail Phone
Old Testament Cristian G. Rata
(ThM Director, Dept. Chair)
c.rata@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7459
Soon Jin Choi
(TTCBR Director)
sj.choi@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7130
New Testament Chul-Hae Kim
(KMDiv Director)
ch.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7391
Steven S. H. Chang
(Director of Planning)
s.chang@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7398
Hung-Sik Choi
(Dept. Chair)
hs.choi@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7096
Juhwan Joseph Kim jh.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7480
Systematic Theology

Michael Choi
(Dean of Academic Programs)

m.choi@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7388
JinHyok Kim Jinhyok.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7091
Church History Jung-Sook Lee
(Vice President of Academic
Development, Dept. Chair)
js.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7380
Lauren J. Kim
(International Student Director,
Website Editor-English)
l.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7384
Mission/Intercultural Studies Eiko Takamizawa
(EMDiv Director)
e.takami@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7389
Ah Young Kim
(TTCIS Director)
ay.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7020
Hyung-Jin Park
(Dept. Chair, Dorm Supervisor)
hj.park@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7098
Practical Theology Kang Hack Lee
(Website Editor-Korean)
kh.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7448
Eddie Byun e.byun@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7193
Deok Weon Ahn
(Dean of Chapel & Student Life, Dept. Chair)
dw.ahn@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7382
Grace Eun Hee Kim
(Conservatory Director)
geh.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7066
Christian Education Glenn A. Jent ga.jent@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7387
Young-Woon Lee
(Continuing Education Director)
yw.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7393
Hyun Joo Oh
(TTCEM Director, Dept. Chair, TT
hj.oh@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7024
Christian Counseling Yong-Tae Kim
(Dean of Research & Publication)
yt.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7392
Eun-Young Choi
(Dept. Chair)
ey.choi@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7385
Eunnie R. Rhee e.rhee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7390
Ki Bok Lee kb.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7008
Kyungwha Hong
(TTCCC Director)
kw.hong@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7272
Staff Members
Department Position E-mail Phone
Planning Office
Suin Park Director of Planning s.park@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7381
Jiyoung Ellie Kim Accreditation, Statistics jy.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7192
Academic Admissions Office
Jin-Hyuk Han Director of Academic Office jh.han@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7377
Whe-Jin Jeanie Lee Support to Faculty & TSMS Students wj.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7348
Won-Hee Esther Lee Admissions wh.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7375
Eun He Kim Academic Affairs eh.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7369
Kyung-Ah Jun Records, Chapel ka.jun@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7365
Business Office
Seog-Kyu Lee Director of Business and Accounting sk.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7373
Kwang-Ho Lee General Affairs gh.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7366
Jung-Hoon Han Financial Affaris j.han@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7368
Seung-Ho Yang Network Administrator sh.yang@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7099
Un-Sook Park Acquisitions us.park@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7132
Hye-Jung Joo Periodicals, Circulation hj.joo@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7135
Jin-Ju Kim Nurse jj.kim@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7027
School Foundation
Jong-Suk Park Director js.park@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7394
Hye-Soo Lee Chairperson's Secretary hs.lee@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7003
Continuing Education
Il-Young Hong Supervisor of Cyber Program iy.hong@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-570-7086
Joon-Ho Choi Supervisor jh.choi@ttgu.ac.kr 82-2-572-1614
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