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Greetings from the President

  • President's Brief Bio

    Dr. Sang Bok David Kim is best known in the Korean community as one of the greatest pastor-scholars of today. After he earned his BA from Seoul National University, he moved to the United States to begin his theological education. He earned his MDiv and STM from Faith Theological Seminary (Elkins Park, PA) and his ThD from Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN). He taught and served at the administrative level in several Christian seminaries and universities. Dr. Kim served Asia Theological Association (ATA) for fifteen years, for the first five years as a board member and the last ten years as its chairman; he also served as chairman under the Presidents and Academic Deans (PAD) Congress. He was bestowed with honorary doctorates including a DD from Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary (Lanham, MD) and a DLitt from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL).

    Dr. Kim shepherded churches on two different continents. In the United States, he pastored churches in New Jersey, Indiana, and Maryland; and he has written and published many books for both pastors and congregants including the bilingual edition of Our Daily Bread. In Korea, he served as president of the Korean Association of Independent Churches and Mission, presided over various non-profit organizations, and served as senior pastor until his retirement at the mega church, Hallelujah Community Church. He retired from the pastorate in 2010 but he continues to give talks, sermons, and lectures throughout the world.

    At Torch Trinity, he served as its first president (1997-2001) but resigned to devote his hours to the pastorate. Now, he returns invigorated to quench his love of theological education as the fourth president (2011-present). The school has experienced significant expansion including a new building and a cyber program under his renewed leadership.

    Born in Pyongyang, North Korea, Dr. Kim was raised in a Christian family. His family was persecuted during the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, where they witnessed the martyrdom of indigenous church leadership. They endured further violence during the Communist takeover of North Korea until he and his older siblings crossed the border to South Korea. His parents, three younger sisters, and a brother remained behind, still separated in North Korea. His family's Christian legacy continues openly in South Korea and abroad. He and his wife have three daughters and six grandchildren.

    Major Publications
    Pastoral Leadership (1987)
    Are You Sure of Your Faith (1991)
    The Lost Throne: Exposition of Genesis 1-11 (1993)
    The Sources of the Synoptic Gospels (1994)
    Dreams Come True: Exposition of Genesis 36-50 (1995)
    Trials Yes, Despairs No (2010)
    Truth Shall Make You Free (2011)


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