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Greetings from the President


We are abundantly aware of our unique position in Asia so we have partnered with several organizations to advance evangelical theological education around the world. The following is a list of accreditations and educational affiliations. If you have further questions about the school, please contact our academic office.

Korean Ministry of Education


Torch Trinity Graduate University is an accredited institution by the government of the Republic of Korea since 1997 with full accreditation from the Ministry of Education.

Asia Theological Association

Asia Theological Association has fully accredited our school since 1999. Torch Trinity is committed to ATA as the association provides a forum for dialogue and commonality among Christian schools especially in struggling regions. We have accepted many students from ATA-accredited institutions in Asia and have been supported by others in the challenge to educate Asia and the rest of the world.


Korean Association of Accredited Theological Schools

In addition to the above accrediting bodies, we have strong-standing memberships and approvals with several institutions. Torch Trinity is a member of the Korean Association of Accredited Theological Schools (KAATS). With English as the main language of instruction, Torch Trinity stands unique among member schools and models a dual-language institution.


US Government & Military
www.gibill.va.gov; www.goarmy.com/chaplain



The UnitedStates government's GI Bill finances veteran soldiers to continue their education in a select number of elite institutions. Currently, Torch Trinity is the only seminary on the Korean peninsula listed as an approved school where military personnel can become students of theology.  In addition, our alumni can join the chaplaincy.

Overseas Council

We partner with Overseas Council (OC) to help increase the number of qualified Christian leaders in their native countries.

International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

We are also a member of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) to improve the quality of evangelical education worldwide. 


Association of Christian Schools International

Our school's educational program (taught in the English language) has been accredited by ACSI. It is the first school outside the U.S. with such recognition. Graduates of Torch Trinity earn professional teacher certificates which are recognized at ACSI schools schools (23,000+ schools in 100 countries). Our school also offers continuing education units (CEU) for those who need to renew their licenses.


Association of Evangelical Theological Schools
(internet site not available)


Refo 500

Torch Trinity continually draws on the importance of Protestant history and its impact in today's global society. Refo500 provides worldwide partners who share the same interest in educating others on the Protestant Reformation and beyond.

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